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hey, baby’s gotta eat

black mommy excellence

I don’t support breast feeding in public places. Sorry not sorry. I just think there is a time and place for everything.

the time is when the baby is hungry

and the place is where the mother is able to feed the baby

everyone is always critiquing black motherhood and here we have a black woman not only graduating but giving her baby the nourishment it needs 

i think there’s a time and place for your negativity

and it’s not now and it’s not on this picture


people don’t realize that when they say parents shouldn’t breast feed in public they’re really saying “my discomfort and objectification of breasts is more important than your child’s health and survival.” all you fuckers who say this shit should be charged with neglect. you can’t forbid people from feeding their children just cause boobs give weak dudes boners.

I get it, I do, but I personally do not think feeding her child at a graduation, where there could be thousands of people, is the right time to feed her child, much less when sitting in the MIDDLE of the whole thing. I’m happy for her graduating, I’m happy she has a healthy child, I do not wish for the child to go hungry, but there is a time and place for certain things, and breast feeding in the middle of the public eye without any cower while seated in the middle of the whole crowd, is definitely not the time.

It’s astonishing to me that you literally see nothing wrong with saying “I do not wish for the child to go hungry, but there is a time and place for certain things.”

It’s like you have no concept that when a child is hungry, it’s hungry. It doesn’t just stop crying or stop needing because the place/time is appropriate. It might make you feel uncomfortable that she’s doing it in such a public setting where there is obviously a crowd, but she is being a great mother by putting her child’s needs first and taking care of her child.

And you also shouldn’t forbid people from feeding their children because their nudity (exposing a breast) makes you so fucking uncomfortable that you basically demand, darktwilly, that they make their child go hungry just so you’re more comfortable. Gross.

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