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These are a pair of onesies. For infants. One reads “i’m just a cupcake looking for my stud muffin” and the other reads “girls dig chubby guys”. Heteros really need to stop trying to force their lifestyle on children.

People are really creepy about pushing heterosexuality on babies in general. Like “oh, he loves to smile at girls, he’s such a flirt” and “What a pretty little girl; your daddy is going to have to beat the boys away with a stick”

Like can you not even wait for your infants to gain control of their neck muscles before you start pushing your sexual preferences on them?

oh my gosh this this this this this

so much

it makes me so uncomfortable

I’ll put it to you like this:
Heterosexuallity is the norm. The overwhelming population of the world is straight. Over 80% of the world.

You can’t change that. Being a social justice warrior and complaining on a blogging site isn’t going to do anything but make yourself and those who follow you angry.

Now, these people pair off and make a baby. Their act of heterosexual sex made them parents. Now, since over 80% of the world is straight, it’s a fair assumption that a child is going to grow up to be straight.

That said, I’m not a fan of these onsies, I think that implying sexuality on a child is an absurd notion, but that doesn’t mean that heterosexuals are trying to put you down.

The absolute simplest thing you can do is just not buy the product. Don’t give them money for something you don’t agree with. It may not stop it from being a thing, but it’s what you can do. It may send a message to these companies but it probably won’t. Though I can tell you it’ll do a lot more then taking a picture holding with a frumpy face because you don’t like it.

Just because a product isn’t for you doesn’t mean it should be banned. Everyone has different tastes and different views and as someone in the minority, you should understand that.


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